Abstract nails are the only choice for spring, says a leading Canberra manicurist

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Getting sucked down a Pintrest nail-art spiral is a weekly event, right? Here at onthecover we’ve spent more time that we’d care to admit admiring, pinning, saving images of gorgeous manicures… all in the name of research, of course. We’ve been across the tortoise shell mani, tonal toffee tips, ombre nudes, glass nails, matte finishes, colour-change polish, metallic foils, marbled layers… But this month, with the weather warming up, we’ve been on the hunt for something brighter, happier, with a more summery vibe.

Enter: the abstract nail. This creative nail trend has been popping up all over your social media – it’s fun, it’s colourful and, according to a leading Canberra manicurist, it’s a style that isn’t going out of style anytime soon.  


“Abstract designs will always be relevant, as they can be adapted so easily to suit current trends,” says Jessica Peris, Canberra nail artist and owner of The Beautique by Jessica Peris. “You can incorporate different layers, too, which gives nail artists a broader range of materials and techniques to work with. I love abstract designs – it’s really fulfilling to be able to play around and have no creative boundaries.”

The possibilities are endless: go bold and bright, or simple and understated, embrace the mix-match designs with organic shapes and complimenting colour schemes. Get imaginative and create a look Kandinsky or Dali would endorse! There are infinite ways to incorporate abstract inspiration into your next nail appointment. 

“Being able to create something beautiful for clients, that in turn makes them feel good and brings them happiness is the best inspiration for our line of work,” says Jessica.

Keep scrolling for some of our most fave abstract nail looks: all inspiring and all ideal for right now in Canberra. 

DISCLAIMER: Unless otherwise specified, all images featured are not the property of onthecover.com.au. We endeavour to always credit the correct, original source of every image. If you think a credit may be incorrect, please contact us at hello@onthecover.com.au. 


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