Horoscopes: your cosmic weather report for October

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Welcome to October, Canberra girls! Libra season is upon us, and so is the warmth and rejuvenating energy of the start of spring – finally! For a detailed astrological report of what to look out for this month, we’ve got Canberra-based intuitive Karen James on the case. Karen is an astrologer, reiki master, flower essence practitioner and tarot card reader with over 20 years’ experience.

Karen’s reading for what’s in store for October is filled with advice that relates to all 12 star sign, plus special mentions for certain signs throughout – including our Libra birthday girls!

Read on for an intuitive look into what’s in store for the month of October, and book a private reading with Karen through her FB page for more.  


October horoscopes with Karen James ✨

Happy birthday Libra lovelies! Welcome to the (mostly) warmer weather, we are well into spring and into the final quarter of the year – and what a year it’s been! Strap yourselves in, the ride is still a bumpy one…

Balancing your emotions is critical

October opens with an Aries full Moon opposing the charming Libra Sun, and Mars is still retrograde in Aries, so be VERY careful of unprofitable conflict erupting. Use the fair-minded Libra Sun to resolve potential arguments, see the other person’s point of view, and use tactical awareness to get what you need.

However, it’s not time to be a doormat, so if you need to stand up for yourself, find a fair, balanced way to do so that takes others’ needs into account. No-one is 100% right all the time. But if you’re able to hold your peace (Libra is the peacemaker), find a quiet, even stealthy way to operate. Not sneaky mind, just careful and circumspect. This is particularly apt if you are making plans that are not yet ripe for public viewing. Be careful who you confide in and use your intuition to the full when deciding what to reveal. Remember, less is more.

Start a spiritual spring clean

Mercury, planet of communication, starts the month in Scorpio, hence our heightened intuitive abilities, then turns back on the 14th returning to Libra by the end of the month. With both Mercury (thinking) and Mars (the action planet) going over old ground, it is not a great time to begin a new venture.

It is a good time to plan for the future, to throw out the old: whether it be ideas, stuff or even people. You will be taking a look at what and who no longer serves you and your emerging sense of self. While endings can be painful, hanging on past the use-by date is worse. Renew from within and be ready to move when you sense the time is right.

A new reality is upon us

Venus, ruler of Libra and all-round lover of beauty, harmony and of course love itself is traversing Virgo for most of October. It’s time to decide if the whirlwind romance from a few weeks ago is really a practical proposition for the longer term.

Once again, rely on inner promptings rather than anyone else’s opinion, or even what you may conventionally have chosen in the past. A new self emerges, slowly but surely after all your hard work with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn over the past few years. In fact, a new reality is emerging for everyone, but some are still clinging to the wreckage of the past. That ship is sinking fast, so let go before it’s too late.

A final word…

In short, be true to yourself without engaging in fruitless conflict, make your plans, but don’t put up a billboard advertising them just yet. Take some time to enjoy good friendships and productive relationships, especially those that answer an inner calling. Be patient, be calm, be creative – you are creating a new you.

Cosmic blessings, 


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