How to avoid a make-up meltdown this summer

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There’s no question that summer is the best time of year – the sun-filled days, the balmy nights, the trips to the beach, the endless reasons to celebrate, the party dresses… But it’s also the time of year when keeping your make-up in place becomes increasingly difficult. While we don’t have to sweat through the pain of high humidity like other parts of the country, we’re coping with the opposite end of the spectrum: the desert-like air of a Canberra summer.

To prevent a make-up meltdown this summer, we asked Canberra make-up artist Jaimee Wilson how she keeps her clients from melting away. And she says the key to success starts well before you apply a lick of make-up.

“Keeping on top of your skincare will make a huge difference in the way your make-up products sit – and last – on your face. Ensure you’re always properly cleansing away your make-up at the end of the day and keep up hydration for plump and glowing skin with moisturisers and serums.”

We also scored Jaimee’s make-up kit to find her go-to products for surviving even the hottest summer days. Below are her product recommendations for achieving a super easy, fuss-free summer glow every day. So you can stop worrying about your make-up sliding away, and start concentrating on soaking up those happy holiday vibes.

Sunscreen is a MUST. An SPF should be worn every day to prevent premature skin ageing, dark spots, pigmentation, sunburn and skin cancer. This one feels more like a primer than a sunscreen: the non-greasy and ultra-hydrating formula sits flawlessly under makeup. MECCA also have an SPF25+ lip balm and SPF50+ for the body.

I cannot live without this tinted moisturiser, no matter what time of year. It gives you enough coverage to even out the skin tone and give you a flawless, fresh and glowing complexion whilst still being super lightweight. I like to focus the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer in spots where I might need a bit of extra coverage, such as dark circles or blemishes. 

These two are the dream team. I find these two products give a gorgeous, healthy summer glow, while being a simple way to enhance your make up. They are also sold separately, as a blush and a bronzer, and are just as stunning when used on their own.

This one makes it is super easy to hit those brow goals, allowing you to create super precise and hair like strokes. Although this is a long-wearing, water and smudge-proof product, I like to finish off by setting in place with a clear brow gel from Hourglass or MAC. 

URBAN DECAY Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette

I am OBSESSED with this palette. It has all the shades you need to create a bronze shimmer eye for those hot summer nights. Plus, there’s a mini version that is perfect for travelling. 

I love this before, during and after makeup. It adds a little extra hydration through those hot summer days and also assists in holding your make up in place. Pop it in the fridge for a cool refreshing spritz. 





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