November horoscopes: what’s in the stars this month…

Your local astrological guide to the month ahead.
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November is here, Canberra girls! For a detailed astrological report of what to look out for this month, we’ve got Canberra-based intuitive Karen James on the case. Karen is an astrologer, reiki master, flower essence practitioner and tarot card reader with over 20 years’ experience.

Karen’s reading for what’s in store for November if filled with advice that relates to every star sign – so read closely! There are also special mentions for certain signs highlighted throughout, with an extra special note for our Scorpio birthday girls!  

Read on for intuitive guidance for the month of November, and connect with Karen on FB to book a private reading. 


November horoscopes with Karen James ✨

November opens with a full moon in Taurus and closes with another in Gemini, making it a Blue Moon month. Blue Moons can happen once a year, as there are 13 lunations and 12 calendar months. On the 1st, the Moon is close to Uranus, the Awakener, bringing unexpected events and perhaps even rumblings deep under the foundations of established institutions. I am reminded of the Tower trump in Tarot – lightning bolts striking the old structures and destroying what no longer contains life. Uranus is the planet of insights, showing in one flash the whole picture. The future is here, are you ready?

At a macro level, the Moon sheds light on necessary changes to humanity’s relationship to our beautiful planet. On a personal level we get a clear glimpse of what one astrologer calls the “elephant in the room” – awareness of something we have been trying to ignore but cannot avoid any longer.

It's truth time

The Sun is in intense, in-depth Scorpio until the 22nd. Happy Birthday to all the lovely Scorpios! You can connect to your inner truths and bring them more easily to light, allowing emotional release and the potential to transform old patterns and outmoded habits. Freedom and self-awareness are calling, what has been suppressed can no longer be ignored. Remember, denial is not just a river in Egypt; it’s time to tell the truth – your truth – even if only whispering it to yourself.

Venus and Mercury are together in Libra until mid-month, bringing some much-needed social activity, balance and opportunities for light-hearted relief from the intensity we will all be experiencing. Be clear and fair in your dealings with others, be kind and gentle with yourself.

The 2021 trailer is here

Traditionally, November brings a preview of the year to come, so be on the alert for offers and opportunities, especially flags that signal new directions. Take time to consider what you want, what it’s time to let go of, and what you want to carry forward into 2021. Review people, relationships, career options and personal attitudes and keep those that still speak to your inner self and deepest needs. Go with what feels “right” to you, what brings a sense of excitement and anticipation of enjoyment. All else is optional. 

Look for quality over quantity

Mid-month Mars finally moves forward, so feelings of frustration at being held back will ease. You will be able to move ahead with plans and projects whose time has come. Use the first two week to dot your i’s and cross your t’s so you are ready to ask, “How high?” when Mars says, “Jump”.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th continues the theme of emotional intensity. The second Full Moon in Gemini on the 30th is an opportunity to get clear about your plans and connect with like-minded others to create new social and personal structures that serve your needs.

On a broader scale, the meeting between Jupiter and Pluto gives a higher perspective on power – we are all being asked about the uses of power and how we change our relationship with our own power to achieve personal, political, social and economic transformation.

Stellar blessings,






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