This advice from a top Canberra skin specialist surprised us

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If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from trying just about every serum, mask and treatment under the sun, it’s that there’s no quick fix when it comes to our skin. But with winter in full swing, and the cold, dry wind already wreaking havoc on our glow, we’ve found ourselves on the hunt for something – anything! – to combat the cold. 

Here at onthecover, we’re all about the research: a topical vitamin C, a virgin marula oil and a good hyaluronic acid all rank highly on our winter must-have list. But, according to the skin specialists at The Lab in Manuka, we need to turn our attention inwards if we want a bright, clear glow come September.  

Sianne Fitzsimons and her team of estheticians have been looking after the faces of the women of Canberra for over five years, and their approach to skin health (and beautiful brows) is one we know we can trust. While we didn’t expect the girls at The Lab to give us a miracle in a bottle (we can hope though, right?), the advice and product recommendations they shared wasn’t what we were expecting… 

Byrdie + @laurenlewiss_

Where to start

“My top two considerations, especially at this time of year, are gut health and mental health. If you are not addressing these internal triggers you will continue to see the same conditions,” Sianne tells us. “We recommend taking a holistic approach to skin health: look at what your skin and your body is telling you, and respond accordingly.”

Gut health is crucial

“Keep in mind that 70% of our immune system is formed in our gut,” says Sianne. “If there is inflammation in the gut, there will be inflammation in the skin. We recommend a variety of fresh seasonal vegetables and whole foods daily alongside pre- and probiotics.”

Sianne recommends The Beauty Chef range of powders and elixirs, alongside Regul8’s Digestive Tune Up. 

Collagen + Glow Inner Beauty Essentials, $99, at The Beauty Chef

Digestive Tune Up, $198, at Regul8

Mental health check

It goes without saying that most of us could do with a mental health tune up – especially this year. The impact stress can have on your skin is all the more reason to practice some self care. 

“Stress is a big one and can feed inflammation in the body alongside pushing more oil through,” says Sianne. “We recommend medicinal herbs and adaptogens to help the body become more resilient. Products we recommend are Relax from Regul8 and Sleep Powder from The Beauty Chef.”

Regul8 Stress Relief Relax, $68, at The Lab.

The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Powder, $55, at The Lab.

And another thing...

“Introducing Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) to your diet is also super important for long term skin health. EFA’s will repair your cell membranes, increase free water levels, and thin your oil out,” says Sianne. “We recommend DMK’s EFA Ultra supplement and The Beauty Chef’s Omega Elixir.” 

EFA Ultra, $68, at DMK

The Beauty Chef Omega Elixir, $59, at The Lab.

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