We talk spring make-up and top tips with the girls from Harlotte Cosmetics

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Shopping for make-up can be overwhelming… Just kidding, it’s amazing! So many products to choose from and brands to discover mean endless opportunities for new must-have products. (Beauty addicts? Us? Never…)

In a market filled with countless options, we’ve recently discovered a brand that ticks all the boxes. And the kicker? It’s Australian made and owned.

Harlotte Cosmetics was created by Sydney make-up artist Michelle Crofts, who found her most common request was for a smoky eyes / nude lip look. So, she created a brand around that very concept. As the range gained a cult following, she slowly expanded – Harlotte now offers a complete line of essentials products and is stocked in hundreds of salons locally and worldwide.

Harlotte has been on our radar for a while, but it’s recently come to our attention (and popped up in our make-up bags) thanks to Fashfest. The brand is sponsoring this year’s event: providing a team of 7 team leaders, 40 make-up artists and 25 assistants, as well as a complete make-up kit for every night. The girls at Harlotte have even designed an exclusive eyelash – called the Fashfest Double Lash – that will be available to buy at the event.

With Fashfest fast approaching (opening night is Thursday 29 September – get your tix here if you haven’t already!), we spoke with Harlotte founder and creative director Michelle Crofts to get her tips for spring make-up, and Diana Cheetham, director of make-up at Fastfest, about what she’s got lined up for the event…

Diana Cheetham, director of make-up at Fastfest.

What’s your #1 beauty buy for spring/summer?

Michelle: “Gee, it’s hard to pick just one product! My absolute fave would have to be a dewy foundation, as well as a cheek highlighter. Harlotte’s AfterGlow Foundation and Ego Cheek Highlighter (below) are the perfect way to kick-start spring with a beautiful, dewy glow.”

What trends can we look out for this spring?

Diana: “I think we’ll see fresh-faced, glowing skin, with lips as the feature. Add in a nude eye design, with licks of mascara and lashes to top off the look. Gone is the full-coverage base and deep lip and eye trends of instagram make-up. We’re coming back to the beautiful, natural self – during the day, at least!”

What’s your best make-up tip? 

Michelle: “My biggest tip is sometimes less is more. This crazy contouring phase bought on, I believe, by The Kardashians, will hopefully phase out soon. Make-up should enhance your natural beauty, rather than trying to create features that don’t exist. Contouring can create a dirty-looking face – bring on a fresh pop of colour to the cheeks any day!”

What have you got planned for the faces of Fashfest?

Diana: “As always, Fashfest strives to achieve a theatrical approach to the catwalk, which can envelop the audience and give them more than the expected fashion shows they’re used too. So this year, we’ll include a unique blend of high-fashion beauty and editorial-style, fantasy make-up, adding in the latest trends with a twist of our own to ensure they hit the runway in a dynamic, memorable manner.”


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